Nov 15, 2013

Exams Page Refurbished

Hello Everybody!
I have just updated the Exams page with all the exams done so far. You can check them out as an exercise to prepare the next test. Hope you find them useful.

¡Nos vemos en clase!

Oct 17, 2013

Added a new Basic Spanish 1 with class examples

Hello everybody!
I have been working in a new improved version for Basic Spanish 1 and decided to make it available even though it is not finished yet. I think that the examples we have been using in class may help understand the grammar faster. It is not finished (will ever be?) but hope it may help you. 
I don't think that to print it is the best idea because there are a lot of blank pages waiting to be filled (or you can print it and write down your own examples). In any case, download the file as pdf instead of directly print the google docs version.

hope my next post will not take as long as this one :-p

Dec 4, 2012

Midterm Exams available online

Hello to everybody,
You can already check Level 1 and 2 Midterm exams for this semester here.

It is raining outside so take an umbrella with you :-0

Nov 15, 2012

Level 1 exams available online

I have posted your Level 1 exams here. You can check and remake them now your knowledge has improved so much.

See you all...or just some of you :-)

Nov 13, 2012

Working on Basic Spanish 2

I have published a new document called Basic Spanish 2. It is not finished but I wanted to make it available so you can have a first glance of the next step. It is mainly aimed for Level 2 students. Anyway, don´t forget that first you need to masted Basic Spanish 1.

Have a nice reading @_@

Nov 6, 2012

Some changes in Basic Spanish 1

I have made some changes in Basic Spanish 1 to make it easier to understand. 
Now the verb "like" is in annex 2 and the preposition "to" is on annex 3. I have tried to make the explanation for the verb "gustar" clearer and straightforward but, as always, if there is any problem understanding it, please let me know in class time.

See you there >_<

Oct 30, 2012

New Level 2 Chapter to enjoy the reading experience

Chapter 3 of the Level 3 story "Las Aventuras de Ariadna" is available here. Check it and make sure you understand every word. You can ask me about any expression you may find difficult to understand and we will discuss them in class.

Remember that learning need not be a traumatic experience @_@